How to Earn Extra Cash

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How to Earn Extra Cash

A look at tips from personal finance bloggers on ways to make money on the side.


Extra cash can always come in handy. But with the holidays approaching, it's a particularly good time to find ways to earn a little more. To help you increase your cash flow, I've rounded up tips from personal bloggers who have used a variety of strategies to pad their pockets with more money. For even more ideas, see our 25 Ways to Earn Extra Cash slide show.

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How to Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff [And Then We Saved]
"Try to take the emotion out of the items and focus on what others might value them at to help you decide how much time you should spend trying to get the most amount of money for the item(s)."

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How I Earned an Extra $40,800 in Two Years Without Lifting a Finger [Afford Anything]
"In the past two years of living with roommates, we’ve collected $40,800 -- enough money to buy a rental house that provides a stream of income for the rest of our lives."

The Right Way to Decide What Products to Sell Online [My Wife Quit Her Job]
"So if you are looking to start an ecommerce store or any business for that matter, make sure that you have something valuable to offer. Instead of blindly doing keyword research and looking at your search engine competition, take a very close look at all of your competitors."


New Rule: List One Thing a Week on Craigslist [Budgets Are Sexy]
"The beauty with this rule is that it should only take 15-20 minutes tops to get this revenue-producing machine up and humming nicely."

My New Money Making Hobby [Punch Debt in the Face]
"Scooter flipping may not be for everyone, but in the summer months it sure can be a nice way to make some extra moolah."

Best Tools and Tricks for Running an Online Business While Working [Beat the 9 to 5]
"Side hustling is tough. And it requires some skills and tools that traditional entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with."

How to Hold Down a Day Job While Nurturing Your Business on the Side [Careful Cents]
"Your day job matters as much as your side business because it’s removing the financial pressure to immediately succeed away from your creative work."