10 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Save Money

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10 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Save Money

Take advantage of the many low-cost -- and no-cost -- ideas on this site.

Chances are, you've heard of Pinterest. If so, you know this online pinboard that lets people share things they find on the Web can offer loads of inspiration for cooking, entertaining, home decorating, traveling -- you name it.

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If you're not familar with the site, you're missing out on lots of useful ideas -- including money-saving ideas. Here are ten ways Pinterest can help you spend less and save more.

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Art. Original artwork can be downright expensive, so you can save money by making your own. You don't have to be a Picasso to create something worthy of hanging on your walls. Pinterest members post lots of easy-to-create pieces, including this crayon art that my kids and I replicated and hung in their craft room.

Cleaning products. Pinterest members often post ideas for cleaning glass, stains, your stove, etc. with things you already have in your pantry. For example, one member posted a way to make your own baby wipes.

Clothing. Tired of the old t-shirts in your drawer? Don't toss them and buy new ones. You can find plenty of pins that will show you how to repurpose those shirts into cool "new" apparel. Many of the ideas don't require sewing, either. For example, this pinboard shows how to turn a t-shirt into a fashionable tank just using scissors and ribbon.

Dining. If you have a busy schedule and find yourself eating out a lot because you think you don't have time to cook, check out the plethora of quick and easy recipes posted on Pinterest. Many just require tossing a few ingredients into a crockpot and letting them cook while you work or play with the kids. By eating at home rather than at a restaurant, you'll plug a big leak in your budget. You also can get ideas for treats and goodies that you can make -- rather than buy -- for birthday parties and other events.

Entertainment. Pinterest members post lots of lists of free, fun things to do with kids, with your friends and with your sweetie on date night.


Furnishings. Why buy new when you can find plenty of creative ideas for using what you already have to create original furnishings? For example, you can turn a pallet into a table or a coffee table into an ottoman.

Hair styling. Need a fancy hairdo for a wedding or party but don't have the cash to pay a stylist? You'll find loads of ideas -- many with step-by-step instructions -- on Pinterest. For example, see this pinboard with prom hair styles that your daughter can copy and save you the cost of sending her to the salon.

Home decorating. Pinterest will help you turn everyday items into creative home decor at little or no cost. Hangers can become towel hooks; bottle caps can be made into coasters; lamps can be turned into bird baths; and mason jars can become a whole host of things.

Home organization. Skip the expensive containers and units and try some of the inexpensive ways posted on Pinterest to organize your closet, desk or pantry.


Remodeling. If you have some DIY skills, you can probably execute many of the remodeling ideas -- and save big bucks -- such as repurposing kitchen cabinets or even tiling floors with pennies.

Has Pinterest helped you save money? If so, share how in the comment box below.

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