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Kip Tips

Watch Out for Savings Rate Bait and Switch

The Consumerist reports that an Ally Bank customer signed up for a CD with a 2.6% rate, but when he logged onto his account online to make sure his funds had transferred, he discovered the rate was only 1.9%. After the customer complained, Ally Bank reinstated the 2.6% rate.

Turns out Ally Bank reserves the right to change rates without notice before funds are transferred to a new account, the customer told The Consumerist. The lesson here is clear: Make sure a rate is guaranteed and check your account to ensure you're getting the promised rate. If not, complain. recently featured 7 Great Online Bank Deals. We confirmed the rates that are listed in the story. But if you were enticed by any of the offers, be sure to check with the banks to double check the details before you dive in.