Stay Healthy to Enjoy Your Wealth

From the Editor

Stay Healthy to Enjoy Your Wealth


If you’ve got your health,” the old saying goes, “you’ve got just about everything.” In this issue, Kiplinger’s is taking that advice to heart. We’ve always specialized in helping readers build their wealth; we’re introducing “Healthy Living,” a new section aimed at keeping you healthy so you can enjoy it.


Our research tells us that Kiplinger’s subscribers take an active interest in staying fit. We know, for example, that 87% of you regularly go to the doctor for checkups, 69% of you follow a regular exercise routine, and 90% of you try to eat healthy.

That’s in sync with a major report on baby boomers by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, which does research on population aging. In the study, 81% of retirees said that the most important ingredient for a happy retirement is good health, compared with 58% who cited being financially secure. Furthermore, boomers said they are far more likely to take charge of their health than their parents were, and nearly 80% of them expect their generation will still be healthy and active at the age of 75.


“Healthy Living” will help them reach that goal. Senior associate editor Sandy Block leads off the section with a feature on walking tours that will make you want to lace up your boots and take off—across Ireland or Italy or maybe Iceland. Besides letting you experience cultures and cuisines worldwide without worrying about your waistline, these tours are likely to inspire you to make walking part of your regular routine when you return home. In her tech story, staff writer Kaitlin Pitsker shows how fitness trackers can monitor your steps (or not) and keep you on course.

You’re accustomed to seeing senior associate editor Nellie Huang’s byline on investing stories. But as the daughter of two distinguished physicians, Nellie inherited a natural affinity for all things medical and developed her own healthy habits. Before she visits the doctor, for example, she keeps a running list of questions she’d like to ask. So she is well qualified to write about how to make the most of your annual checkup—which introduces her new column, To Your Health.

Expert advice. In addition to our own staff members, we are fortunate to have impressive partners in this new section. We will be including content from 12 prestigious health and medical newsletters, including the Harvard Health Letter, Tufts University’s Health & Nutrition Letter and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Mind, Mood & Memory, all members of the Belvoir Media Group. You’ll also see contributions from Kaiser Health News, a national health policy news service that is part of the nonpartisan Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

It’s fitting that we’re kicking off this new section in our October issue, to mark Health Literacy Month. But we haven’t neglected our usual complement of financial coverage. Associate editor Daren Fonda assembles a portfolio of dividend stocks that will put cash in your pocket every month. And contributing editor Lisa Gerstner picks online banks that deliver high yield and top customer service.


To mark this occasion, let me propose a toast to our readers: To your health—and your wealth.

P.S. Kiplinger is the national media sponsor for this year’s Financial Planning Days in October. The program features events around the U.S. that connect consumers with certified financial planners for one-on-one advice at no cost. Check, or call 877-861-7826 to find an event near you.