Get Free Retirement Advice From Financial Planners on September 25

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Get Free Retirement Advice From Financial Planners on September 25

Jump-start your retirement planning on Thursday when experts will answer your questions during a live online chat.

Saving for retirement may seem daunting. You have to figure out how large of a nest egg you need, set aside enough to reach that goal, then find ways to make your money last once you retire. If you need help with these or any other retirement and financial matters, you can get answers to your most-pressing questions at no charge on September 25.

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Kiplinger and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) are teaming up to offer free financial advice on Jump-Start Your Retirement Plan Day on September 25. NAPFA members will be answering questions during an online chat from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. You can submit questions in advance or during the event by visiting our chat page. You also can view questions and answers on Twitter by using the #JumpStart hashtag.

Twenty financial advisers will be answering questions on the following topics:

-- Saving for retirement with IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401(k)s
-- Taxes and retirement, including gift taxes, estate taxes and wills
-- Income in retirement through Social Security and income investing strategies
-- Other financial challenges, from investing to saving for college to paying down debt.


During past chats, participants have asked questions about what sort of retirement account they should contribute to, how to allocate their portfolios and strategies for withdrawing money from accounts in retirement. Some asked for specific mutual fund recommendations. Others asked for advice on when to claim Social Security benefits to get the biggest payout. Advisers provided detailed answers, and Kiplinger editors pointed participants to our resources to provide them with more information.

Mark your calendar now so you don't miss this opportunity to get free financial advice. If you can't join the chat, check back later for a full transcript.