Ways to Make Your Money Last in Retirement

Making Your Money Last

9 Smart Moves to Make Your Money Last in Retirement

We asked financial advisers for their advice on handling one of the biggest retirement worries.

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Financial advisers will tell you that the most telling—and risky—years of your retirement are the five before you leave the 9 to 5 world, and the five after you have forsaken a steady pay check and learn to live on Social Security, perhaps a pension, and a lifetime of wealth accumulation through a retirement plan. Indeed, making your money last as long as you and your spouse do consistently shows up as the biggest worry among folks approaching or in retirement. To help you with these vexing questions, we asked our credentialed financial advisers, whose columns appear on our Wealth Creation channel, to share with you the advice they give to their clients. Here are 9 insights from the pros. We hope they help you make your money last a lifetime.

In Retirement, You Should Plan to Live, Not Plan to Die

There are no crystal balls to predict your lifespan. The real work begins after you’ve given your adviser a reasoned expectation. You can structure a good plan from there.

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Make the Most of Social Security Benefits With Tailored Strategies

With hundreds of filing possibilities, it pays to carefully weigh all your options and get creative about when and how to claim benefits so you can get the most out of your retirement.

Five Ways to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement

Long-term care insurance, an annuity, tapping the equity in your home, and transferring some of your assets into cash and bonds can all help.


3 Make-Your-Money-Last Tips for Future Retirees

The secret to a secure retirement starts long before you actually retire. Here are three areas where successful retirees excel.

5 Ways To Make Your Money Last Longer in Retirement

It takes good planning and perhaps an annuity in later life. Forget about the 4% rule. It doesn’t cut it anymore.

How Monte Carlo Analysis Can Calm Your Fears About Running Out of Money in Retirement

Running different scenarios through this forecasting model can help you make smarter decisions both before and after retirement.

Be Honest With Yourself About Your Retirement Savings

You can’t make your money last unless you are truthful about how much you are going to spend.


How Retirees Can Tackle Longevity Risk

Ensuring a steady paycheck for your lifetime after you retire is not the same as it was for your parents. So much has changed requiring you to adapt to the new paradigm. Here is what you need to know.

How to Generate Income in Retirement

Retirees face a tough decision-making process when it comes to their financial assets, and they may have to take more risk than they were expecting.

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