4 Steps to Your Encore Job


4 Steps to Your Encore Job

Ready to pursue your passion? Here's how.

Editor's note: This article is adapted from Kiplinger's Retirement Planning 2008 guide. Order your copy today.

Taking these steps will put you on the path to your dream job.

1. Contact age-friendly employers
RetirementJobs.com and AARP identify companies that are eager to recruit and retain workers older than 50.

2. Get tech-savvy
If you want to be a self-employed consultant or start your own business, an online presence is essential. Buy an off-the-shelf package from Yahoo Small Business, Web.com or GoDaddy.com.

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3. Cover your health insurance
If you don't have coverage through your job (or your spouse's), look into an individual policy with a high deductible to keep premiums manageable, combined with a tax-favored health savings account to pay for out-of-pocket expenses. Shop for a policy at HealthInsurance.com or through an independent agent (find one at www.nahu.org).

4. Be professional
Update your résumé and references, research prospective employers, mine your past contacts, and keep at it. Today, "the persistent bird gets the worm," advises RetirementJobs.com.