Great Home Buying and Mortgage Advice From Around the Web

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Great Home Buying and Mortgage Advice From Around the Web

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My family and I moved to a new home the weekend before Thanksgiving. The entire process -- from the time we made an offer in September to the actual move (which took three days) a little more than a week ago -- was so stressful that I've decided that I never want to move again. Never.

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There's a good chance I'll stick to that decision. Having lived in two other houses, my husband and I now know what we really want in a home. The house we moved to suits our needs -- and our budget. I'm just ready for everything to be unpacked and in order so that I can relax and enjoy my new home.

In light of my recent move, I gathered advice from around the Web on home buying (and selling), mortgages, refinancing and more.


Buy a Home You Can Afford With the Mortgage Suitcase Trick [Wise Bread]
"Every time you think about adding another feature or upgrade during your home buying decision, ask yourself if you really want to lug around the cost of that feature for the next 15-30 years."

Is Now a Good Time to Refinance Your Mortgage or Buy a New House? [LearnBonds]
"We can give you a framework to think about mortgage rates and the likelihood of rates moving higher or lower."

Is Recasting a Mortgage Loan a Better Option Than Refinancing? [Money Crashers]
"The process could save you money in two ways: by reducing your monthly mortgage payment, and by allowing you to avoid the cost to refinance."

A Smart Way to Play Interior Designer When Moving [Frugal Rules]
"Making a house into a home can be quite the pricey task, especially when moving into a new place."

4 Steps to Take When You Realize That OMG! I Need to Sell My House [Len Penzo dot Com]
"Whatever the catalyst may be, when you need to sell your home quickly do these four things."

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