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Buying & Selling a Home

How Far Will Your Real Estate Dollar Go Now?

We look at current home values across the country, focusing on our 2008 Best Cities to Live, Work and Play.

Even in a down housing market, where you look for that real estate bargain still determines how much home you can afford. In our search for true real estate values, we turned to our 2008 Best Cities -- the ten places we've highlighted this year for economic growth -- and quality living.

Returning to Texas, Arkansas, Utah, North Carolina and others, we researched a variety of home styles in the trendiest neighborhoods, the most exclusive, the up-and-coming, as well as the newly christened and selected values in each.

Compare how much home you can buy in our Best Cities for 2008:

Homes Values Under $300,000

Homes Values for $500,000

Homes Values for $750,000

Homes Values for $1 Million

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