3 Reasons No One Wants to Buy Your House

Buying & Selling a Home

3 Reasons No One Wants to Buy Your House

It's not always the price that holds back buyers.

You checked the comps and the price is right, but you’ve gone weeks without an offer. Time to face the facts: No one wants to buy your home. Here’s why.

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For starters, your house might lack curb appeal. Real-estate agents are in agreement: If you can’t get buyers past the front yard, you’re not going to get them in the front door. Mulch the beds, wash the windows and clean the gutters.

Second, you might need to declutter. Buyers want to see your home’s potential, not your kid’s finger-painting. Remove personal items, from family photos to artwork on the fridge. Also, clear out closets and put excess furniture in storage. Your home will look more spacious.

Third – and no offense – your house might smell. Pet odors are bad, but agents say cigarette smoke is the worst. Fresh paint, fresh air and professional carpet cleaning will help.

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