The 100 Most Popular Mutual Funds for 401(k) Retirement Savings

These funds have the most assets under management in 401(k) workplace retirement plans

There's no denying the importance and popularity of 401(k)s for retirement savers. Americans have $5.7 trillion invested in these tax-deferred workplace savings accounts, according to the Investment Company Institute, and there are more than 55 million active 401(k) participants. BrightScope, a financial-information company that rates retirement-savings plans, compiled this list for Kiplinger of the 100 most popular mutual funds in 401(k) plans based on funds' 401(k) assets under management.

Here is the list of the top 100 mutual funds for your 401(k) retirement savings. All figures are as of Sept. 13, 2019.

RankFund NameSymbol

Annualized Total Return


Annualized Total Return


Annualized Total Return


Annualized Total Return


Fund Type
1Vanguard Institutional Index IVINIX5.67%14.49%10.89%13.49%0.04%Large Blend
2American Funds Europacific Growth AAEPGX4.308.114.386.000.83Foreign Large Growth
3Fidelity 500 IndexFXAIX5.6814.5110.91N/A0.02Large Blend
4Fidelity ContrafundFCNTX1.2816.4911.8714.080.82Large Growth
5Vanguard Total Bond Market Index AdmVBTLX8.772.683.143.600.05Intermediate Core Bond
6Vanguard 500 Index AdmiralVFIAX5.6614.4810.8813.480.04Large Blend
7Vanguard PRIMECAP Inv VPMCX0.7916.1512.0214.570.38Large Growth
8Vanguard Mid CapIndex AdmiralVIMAX3.7411.938.8613.380.05Mid-Cap Blend
9Vanguard Wellington Inv VWELX8.6910.467.969.880.25Allocation: 50% to 70% Equity
10Dodge & Cox StockDODGX0.6012.998.2712.350.52Large Value
11Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 InvVTTVX5.668.496.198.640.13Target-Date 2025
12Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index AdmiralVTIAX1.837.422.72N/A0.11Foreign Large Blend
13PIMCO Total Return APTTAX8.463.052.933.861.05Intermediate Core-Plus Bond
14Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 InvVTHRX5.209.136.469.110.14Target-Date 2030
15Vanguard Extended Market Index AdmiralVEXAX-2.5011.908.1012.870.07Mid-Cap Blend
16Vanguard Small Cap Index AdmVSMAX-2.6011.478.1512.870.05Small Blend
17Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx AdmVTSAX4.2714.0710.3913.400.04Large Blend
18American Funds Growth Fund of Amer AAGTHX1.3414.7510.8812.770.62Large Growth
19Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 InvVTTHX4.739.736.739.550.14Target-Date 2035
20Vanguard Target Retirement 2020 InvVTWNX5.817.695.778.090.13Target-Date 2020
21Metropolitan West Total Return Bd MMWTRX8.722.762.915.040.67Intermediate Core-Plus Bond
22Fidelity Growth Company FDGRX-0.2519.7314.4116.580.85Large Growth
23T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030TRRCX5.549.906.969.920.67Target-Date 2030
24Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 InvVFORX4.2410.346.969.840.14Target-Date 2040
25Fidelity Freedom 2030FFFEX3.769.426.648.580.69Target-Date 2030
26Fidelity Freedom 2020FFFDX4.617.755.757.490.60Target-Date 2020
27Dodge & Cox International StockDODFX1.546.450.505.300.63Foreign Large Value
28T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020TRRBX5.868.356.078.770.61Target-Date 2020
29Fidelity Freedom 2025FFTWX4.358. 2025
30Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 InvVTIVX3.9010.567.089.910.15Target-Date 2045
31Vanguard Windsor InvVWNDX2.2010.966.8311.440.31Large Value
32T. Rowe Price Blue Chip GrowthTRBCX5.4020.2814.5516.300.70Large Growth
33T. Rowe Price Retirement 2025TRRHX5.749.156.549.370.64Target-Date 2025
34T. Rowe Price Retirement 2040TRRDX5.2710.937.4910.500.72Target-Date 2040
35Fidelity Freedom 2040FFFFX2.3210. 2040
36Fidelity Freedom 2035FFTHX2.7710. 2035
37American Funds American Balanced AABALX5.849.427.5710.150.57Allocation: 50% to 70% Equity
38T. Rowe Price Retirement 2035TRRJX5.3810.467.2510.280.70Target-Date 2035
39Harbor Capital Appreciation InvHCAIX1.7917.8212.5214.101.03Large Growth
40Fidelity Low-Priced StockFLPSX-1.048.786.0611.150.52Mid-Cap Value
41Vanguard International Growth InvVWIGX1.7112.496.958.120.45Foreign Large Growth
42Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 InvVFIFX3.9210.557.099.910.15Target-Date 2050
43MFS Value AMEIAX7.7010.888.7811.540.83Large Value
44Fidelity Extended Market IndexFSMAX-2.5211.938.13N/A0.05Mid-Cap Blend
45Dodge & Cox IncomeDODIX8.013.633.524.510.42Intermediate Core-Plus Bond
46Fidelity Diversified InternationalFDIVX3. Large Growth
47T. Rowe Price Growth StockPRGFX5.0118.3113.3415.400.66Large Growth
48Vanguard Growth Index AdmiralVIGAX6.4716.7712.2614.670.05Large Growth
49T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth RPMGX8.5016.3412.8715.310.75Mid-Cap Growth
50Fidelity BalancedFBALX4.5510.157.609.840.53Allocation: 50% to 70% Equity
51Vanguard Balanced Index AdmVBIAX6.459.607.669.640.07Allocation: 50% to 70% Equity
52Vanguard Target Retirement 2015 InvVTXVX6.156.635.117.360.13Target-Date 2015
53Fidelity Freedom 2045FFFGX2.3510. 2045
54Vanguard Developed Markets Index AdmiralVTMGX0.937.533.235.230.07Foreign Large Blend
55T. Rowe Price Retirement 2045TRRKX5.1011.087.5710.540.72Target-Date 2045
56American Funds Washington Mutual AAWSHX6.9713.839.9212.970.59Large Blend
57American Funds New Perspective AANWPX5.3313.409.3310.630.75World Large Stock
58Fidelity US Bond IndexFXNAX8.642.623.16N/A0.03Intermediate Core Bond
59T. Rowe Price Instl Large Cap GrowthTRLGX5.1621.5615.1016.380.56Large Growth
60Fidelity Freedom 2050FFFHX2.3510. 2050
61Fidelity International IndexFSPSX2.357.753.09N/A0.05Foreign Large Blend
62Vanguard Equity-Income InvVEIPX6.5811.859.4413.040.27Large Value
63Vanguard Value Index AdmVVIAX4.4112.389.3512.340.05Large Value
64Fidelity PuritanFPURX1.909.847.339.860.54Allocation: 50% to 70% Equity
65T. Rowe Price Retirement 2050TRRMX5.0911.077.5810.540.72Target-Date 2050
66Fidelity Blue Chip GrowthFBGRX2.6419.1913.3315.850.80Large Growth
67American Funds 2030 Trgt Date Retire AAAETX4.919.206.689.580.72Target-Date 2030
68MainStay Large Cap Growth AMLAAX5.2318.7512.7913.970.98Large Growth
69Vanguard Target Retirement Income InvVTINX6.605.374.425.800.12Target-Date Retirement
70JPMorgan Mid Cap Value AJAMCX0.828.226.9212.331.24Mid-Cap Value
71American Funds Fundamental Invs AANCFX3.6012.889.8412.230.59Large Blend
72JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030 AJSMAX4.548.585.888.860.86Target-Date 2030
73Invesco Oppenheimer Developing Markets A ODMAX7.659.392.016.141.26Diversified Emerging Mkts
74Vanguard Inflation-Protected Secs InvVIPSX5.552.141.963.240.20Inflation-Protected Bond
75Invesco Diversified Dividend Investor LCEIX6.517.877.5411.000.76Large Value
76Vanguard Wellesley Income InvVWINX9.236.676.228.050.23Allocation: 30% to 50% Equity
77PGIM Total Return Bond APDBAX9.833.934.025.410.76Intermediate Core-Plus Bond
78T. Rowe Price New Horizons PRNHX6.8421.1215.3218.900.77Mid-Cap Growth
79Vanguard Explorer InvVEXPX-1.7515.7710.1613.750.46Small Growth
80JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025 AJNSAX4.827.585.458.320.85Target-Date 2025
81American Funds 2025 Trgt Date Retire AAADTX5.217.895.868.880.70Target-Date 2025
82American Funds AMCAP AAMCPX0.7113.259.2912.700.66Large Growth
83Dodge & Cox BalancedDODBX3.779.666.7610.150.53Allocation: 50% to 70% Equity
84JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020 AJTTAX4.996.664.947.620.81Target-Date 2020
85American Funds Capital World Gr&Inc ACWGIX4.559.755.948.280.76World Large Stock
86iShares S&P 500 Index Investor ABSPAX5.3714.1310.53N/A0.35Large Blend
87American Funds 2020 Trgt Date Retire AAACTX5.486.915.327.930.68Target-Date 2020
88Vanguard Real Estate Index AdmiralVGSLX14.247.188.9913.080.12Real Estate
89Schwab S&P 500 IndexSWPPX5.6714.4710.8513.430.02Large Blend
90American Funds 2035 Trgt Date Retire AAAFTX4.6910.387.359.950.72Target-Date 2035
91JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 ASMTAX3.369.456.259.420.88Target-Date 2040
92JPMorgan Large Cap Growth AOLGAX4.9121.9414.1215.850.94Large Growth
93Janus Henderson Enterprise T JAENX10.6718.3914.4715.750.91Mid-Cap Growth
94American Funds 2040 Trgt Date Retire AAAGTX4.5010.747.5610.120.73Target-Date 2040
95Neuberger Berman Genesis InvNBGNX1.7813.5610.1512.601.02Small Growth
96Vanguard Windsor II InvVWNFX3.3410.897.4511.240.33Large Value
97JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 ASRJAX3.718.916.009.180.87Target-Date 2035
98Oakmark Equity And Income InvestorOAKBX4.108.615.277.870.78Allocation: 50% to 70% Equity
99American Beacon Large Cap Value InvAAGPX1.8311.056.3210.830.95Large Value
100Vanguard Target Retirement 2055 InvVFFVX3.9010.557.05N/A0.15Target-Date 2055

* The dollar amounts represent funds' total assets under management held both within 401(k) plans and outside of 401(k)s, according to Morningstar. BrightScope ranked the funds by assets under management held in 401(k)s only, but it did not disclose the precise amounts for proprietary reasons.

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† Closed to new investors.

SOURCES: BrightScope, Morningstar


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