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Guiding Clients Toward the Retirement of Their Dreams

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Tim Sullivan, founder and CEO of Strategic Wealth Advisors Group, Inc., has dedicated his career to helping people live fully in retirement. When he’s not working with clients as a financial planner, he’s educating and engaging the public as an author (Strategic Wealth: A Tactical and Practical Guide to Winning in Retirement), a radio show host (“Financially Tuned” on WDTK 101.5 FM and 1400 AM in Detroit), a commentator, and a national spokesperson.

Sullivan understands the importance of living life fully every day, having suffered a close personal loss of his own. He’s passionate about helping clients strike the right balance between preserving hard-earned assets and spending those assets on things that matter.

“Many people are afraid to spend money in retirement. The most satisfying part of my job is giving people more control over their financial future so they can feel more confident and live the full, rewarding life they’ve always envisioned.”

A Trusted Source for All Things Financial

To help his clients achieve a well-lived retirement, Sullivan makes sure all the pieces of their financial life are correctly positioned and assembled so their personal vision of success can emerge. He’s an investment advisor representative, insurance agent, and Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC), serving clients in multiple states—a majority of whom are federal employees and retirees—in a fiduciary role. Together with his in-house team of financial professionals as well as partnering attorneys and CPAs, Sullivan covers all the financial planning bases.

“My original goal was to create a one-stop shop, where clients can get all their financial questions answered,” Sullivan says. “We use a structured financial planning process that’s designed to bring clarity, confidence, and financial peace of mind. We tackle Social Security maximization, estate planning, assets under management, income planning, and insurance solutions. We also have a Generational Vault, where clients can view all their accounts at a glance through a single portal. Our planning process is thorough, but we keep it simple and fully transparent.”

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Helping Retirees Avoid Costly Mistakes

Strategic Wealth Advisors Group Inc.’s planning process includes a Color of Money Risk Analysis, which divides clients’ assets into three color-coded risk categories. As clients move along the path to and through retirement, Sullivan and his team make adjustments to the income plan as market changes occur.

“Taking distributions from the wrong source could lead to tax consequences or put people in a higher tax bracket,” Sullivan says. “By color coding our clients’ investments, we can be sure we’re taking income out of the right bucket at the right time.”

Strategic Wealth Advisors Group Inc.’s planning process is designed not just to simplify clients’ financial lives, but to advance the team’s professional mission: making sure retirees can live out their dreams.

“As retirement nears, rate of return becomes less important than ensuring a guaranteed income and the freedom and peace of mind that come with it,” Sullivan says. “Our job is to help people plan for a smooth transition and the carefree life they’ve worked hard for.”

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