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Comprehensive Retirement Planning Process Brings Entire Family Goals and Concerns into Focus

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“Our preferred clients don’t necessarily have the largest nest eggs, but they are coachable, likeable, and ethical. We are driven to make a significant difference in people’s lives.”

George Fossing, president and founder, NorthStar Financial and Retirement Planning, LLC

As the US housing and credit booms were collapsing in 2007, the timing seemed less than ideal as financial advisor George Fossing, RICP® left his highly successful career with mega-firms to create an independent wealth management practice, NorthStar Financial and Retirement Planning, LLC.

With more than ten years of experience at the time – first as a manager at a Fortune 500 company and, later, as a branch manager for a large insurance company – Fossing and his associate Ryan Mulligan decided it was time to challenge the traditions of the financial industry. The tools usually reserved exclusively for affluent families would now be accessible to the middle class.

“We felt the time was right to serve those of more modest means which are underserved by financial advisors who may consider them too small,” explains Fossing, an Investment Advisor Representative (Series 65) and a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designee.

NorthStar’s clients are, more often than not, living in middle and upper-middle-class neighborhoods. Some may have inherited money, but most have simply worked hard, lived below their means, saved and invested regularly.

“The families we serve are primarily professionals, business owners, architects, engineers, healthcare professionals, and educators. These are careful consumers who do their due diligence. They want realistic solutions, not sugar-coated projections,” says Fossing, the host of three local radio programs titled “Stop Worrying You’re Retired!” He has taught “The New Realities of Retirement” class at Furman University, North Greenville University, Greenville Technical College, and Blue Ridge Community College.

“Most of our clients are successful, well-educated people focused on the day-to-day operations of their own companies and professions or busy pursuing a variety of other interests. They don’t have the time or inclination to stay abreast of tax issues and regulatory changes that can undermine their financial success. Many of them believe financial freedom is out of their reach despite having significant worth. We give them the discipline and structure they need to implement their plan, including investment management, under one roof. We educate, advise, and guide clients through their financial and legal affairs.”

Efficient Retirement Planning

Fossing also re-wrote the rule book by developing a multidisciplinary network that includes financial advisors, investment advisors, insurance professionals, Social Security planning experts, attorneys, and CPAs. NorthStar’s approach will create an efficient and truly comprehensive retirement plan for their clients.

Beyond the role of typical wealth advisors, Fossing’s team digs deeper. Is your Will correct and up-to-date? Do you need a trust? What is the most beneficial Social Security withdrawal strategy? How will rolling over your retirement accounts, downsizing your home, selling a business or coming into an inheritance impact your retirement and your taxes? “One of our goals is to get our clients in their retirement as close to the zero percent tax bracket as possible.”

“Unless someone is coordinating your investment strategy with your tax, risk management, and estate plans, important details can slip through the cracks,” says Fossing who has been a member of Ed Slott’s nationally recognized IRA Elite Advisor Group. “Our goal is simple – help families plan for the ‘unexpected,’ such as changes in health, market volatility, and tax increases while creating a retirement income they’ll never outlive and a legacy that reflects their wishes.”

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