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Comprehensive Financial Planning – Not Just for the Rich and Famous

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“Stop wasting your time with bad financial plans meant to just try and get you to buy something.”

Clint Haynes, CFP®, founder and president of NextGen Wealth®

“Some of the smartest people I know tell me they’ve felt overwhelmed by the ‘what ifs’ in life,” says Clint Haynes, CFP®, founder and president of NextGen Wealth®. “The constant stream of information from the media only makes planning more confusing. Baffled by industry jargon and paralyzed by fear of making a mistake, it’s easy to put off making a financial plan.”

According to Haynes, having a comprehensive financial plan in place early in life gives families their best odds for reaching their financial goals. Near-term goals such as paying off college loans and saving for a second home, or long-term goals like financing their children’s education, and saving for retirement, shouldn’t be left to chance.

Haynes, who has been ranked among the Top 18 Financial Advisors in the Kansas City area,* explains that, until recently, the very people who need the most help developing a financial plan couldn’t find the advice they’re looking for simply because they haven’t yet accumulated enough assets for many firms to work with them. And, those who do have the assets want more than just someone to manage their investments.

“That’s the reason I developed The Financial Freedom Blueprint®," says Haynes, a 17-year veteran of the industry who has been featured on CBS News, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, USNews & World Report, Time and Forbes.

While The Financial Freedom Blueprint® is easy to understand, it is not a DIY project. Haynes developed the tool to gather important information about his clients’ financial situation and goals. During the process, Haynes helps clients address all areas of their financial lives, even things most people have never even considered. Such things can include how much money to save for each goal, how to make sure you don’t run out of money in retirement and how to save money in other areas of your financial life. And, believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once armed with all the information, he educates clients and guides them as they work together to create a plan and devise effective solutions. “No dazzling pie charts on glossy paper. No enticing sales literature,” he says. “Just straightforward advice based exclusively on each client’s best interest.”

Haynes doesn’t simply help clients create a financial plan, then send them on their way to carry out the details themselves. He helps them implement the plan and serve as their accountability partner over the decades ahead. He communicates with each client’s CPA and attorney to avoid tax pitfalls and legal landmines. As a Certified Financial Planner®, he is both disciplined and agile enough to act proactively to changes in the market and the regulatory environment.

“Your financial world is always shifting,” concludes Haynes. “The market moves up and down. Tax rates may increase, as could inflation. Your goals change through time. We’re able to guide you through your entire financial lifetime.”

* Expertise, a national ranking service, named NextGen among the Top 18 Financial Advisors serving Kansas City, based on reputation, credibility, experience, availability and professionalism

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