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How Coordinating Your Financial Life Can Lead to a More Prosperous Retirement

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“Our number one goal has always been to make a difference in our clients’ lives.”

-Tatyana Bunich, president and founder of Financial 1 Wealth Management Group

The devil’s in the details. That’s a lesson learned the hard way by many investors who thought their financial planner had dotted every I and crossed every T, only to find their nest egg wasn’t adequate to achieve their goals. Perhaps it wasn’t protected from inflation or avoidable taxes, making it unable to provide an income that could be depended on throughout retirement.

“Unless someone is coordinating your investment strategy with your tax, risk management and estate plans, important details can slip through the cracks,” says Tatyana Bunich, president and founder of Financial 1 Wealth Management Group, an independent Registered Representative in Columbia, Maryland.

Bunich formed Financial 1 to fill the need for comprehensive, holistic and carefully orchestrated financial planning. In addition to Bunich’s wealth management services, the Financial 1 family of companies offer risk management (insurance), tax planning*, estate planning, real estate sales/assessment** and legal services in the highly specialized field of Elder Law.

“Our number one goal has always been to make a difference in our clients’ lives. By providing a broad range of services under one roof, we don’t have to hope a client’s CPA, attorney, insurance broker and other financial professionals are all on the same page. We can just focus on accomplishing that goal,” explains Bunich, who has more than 20 years of experience, including 10 years in the New York City area, much of which as an employee of one of the biggest banks in the U.S. and one of the largest insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the world.

“We continually educate you about all your options and help find the resources you need.”

Inflation-adjusted Income for Life

A 2018 and 2019 Five-Star Wealth Manager*** experienced in meeting the needs of high net worth families, Bunich’s investment advice utilizes dynamic risk management strategies. These tactical models allow her to reallocate assets when the market changes, minimizing the effect of the Wall Street roller coaster. Financial 1 is independent, so her team can screen the entire universe of investment choices, and as fiduciaries, they only recommend those choices that are in the client’s best interest.

“Families who have worked a lifetime and saved all their lives for retirement can find their investments plundered by a series of bad choices they can’t recover from,” Bunich explains. She says her ideal clients are those for whom she can make a significant difference in their quality of life and legacy. For example, clients who could save $30,000 to $60,000 through relatively simple changes in tax strategies.

“The most common mistakes in estate planning are found in your documents,” adds elder law and estate planning attorney Brian Spern, who has lectured extensively throughout the State on Elder Law and Estate Planning. “To avoid these, we carefully scrutinize POA forms, trusts, wills, asset titles and insurance beneficiary assignments to ensure everything aligns to meet your goals.”

“Your financial world is always shifting,” concludes Bunich. “The market moves up and down. Tax rates may increase, as could inflation. Health issues advance with age. Your goals change as you transition into retirement. We guide families, their children and grandchildren through all these points in their financial lifetimes through cohesive strategies that bring healthier outcomes in all aspects of their lives.”

*Tax preparation services are offered by Financial 1 Tax, a sister company specializing in income tax preparation

**Real Estate services by Michael Bunich of Long & Foster

***As featured in Baltimore magazine. For information on how Tatyana was selected visit

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