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Enter Retirement With Confidence

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The fear of running out of money during retirement has some families held hostage. Even those with considerable wealth find themselves forgoing nice vacations and putting off necessary major purchases. “We want to help clients enter retirement with peace and confidence. They deserve to live life with purpose, and don’t need to worry about their income in retirement,” says JoePat Roop, founder of Belmont Capital Advisors.

Roop, a 26-year veteran in the financial industry, gives a simpel explanation of his mission: “We help families protect and grow their life savings and reduce taxes on their wealth.” In layman’s terms “We protect old people’s money.” That simple but truthful defintiion reflects Roop’s personable style that tends to put investors at ease.

“That’s why we are here. We help guide each client and give solid, unbiased and exclusive recommendations focused solely on their best interests.”

Guiding the Carolinas in Capital Preservation and Potential Positive Returns Under All Market Conditions

Roop spent years exhausting his mental energy working with banks and Wall Street firms. During this time, he learned how the largest and most sophisticated investors seemed to weather market swings. Belmont Capital utilizes the Endowment Model investment strategy that has been embraced by many colleges, universities and other institutions across the globe as the best approach for managing their financial assets. In addition to equities, they add alternative assets to their portfolios, such as real estate funds, hedge funds and private equity funds. “The stock market does not determinet he value of these types of assets, so they insulate investors from market volatility,” explains Roop, the host of Retire(meant)TM for Living on WBT radio and a 2017 nominee for The Best of Gaston Awards’ “Best Financial Advisor/Planner.”

When he founded Belmont Capital Advisors in 2009, Roop determined to bring these same Endowment Model advantages to families of much more modest means. “We strike the balance based on client’s goals and objectives, risk budget, spending and liquidity needs,” he explains. Rather than being limited only to the standard advice of building portfolios with a 60/40 mix of stocks and bonds, Belmont’s clients have more options. Through Belmont’s relationship with Kalos Capital, Inc., clients avoid the very high minimum investment barriers, so they canb roadly diversify their assets and add alternative investments to their portfolios.

“Our clients receive a sophisticated level of advisory service typically reserved only for very high-net-worth families, including monitoring their portfolios and alerting them about pertinent tax information and market changes,” says Roop. “Most of these investors are livni g average lives in middle-class neighborhoods. Some have inherited money, but most have simply worked hard, lived below their means, saved and invested regularly. These are smart people but not savvy investors who could take a financial plan and run with it. It’s no wonder so many believe financial freedom is out of their reach.

Demystifying Retirement

The professionals of Belmont Capital Advisors educate, advise and guide clients as they transition into retirement. As fiduciaries, they are required by law to put the welfare of the client first when devising strategies, recommending purchases such as annuities, and determining the most appropriate use of non-guaranteed (alternative) assets.

“Each prospective client walks out of the office with a complimentary one-page retirement income plan,” says Roop. “We know retirement planning is a daunting task, so we make it as simple and realistic as possible to start your journey into meaningful retirement.”

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