10 Stocks That Are Actually Having a Good Year

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10 Good Stocks That Are Actually Having a Good Year

Rising prices for these shares reflect revived interest.


The market greeted 2016 with the worst two-week start since the 1800s. Despite the market's overall troubles, however, there are some promising investments to be made right now. Read on for our guide to the hottest stocks of the moment. (See also from Wisebread: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Sell a Stock or a Fund)

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1. Burlington Stores

With 546 stores and a solid online presence, the off-price department store for coats, home goods, and clothes is growing. Burlington (BURL) closed out 2015 with a value of just under $43. As of Feb. 20, the company's stock has risen to $54. Experts expect to see the company's profits soar upward of 18% in the fiscal year that ends in January 2017.

2. Macy's

America's iconic department store closed out 2015 valued at $35 per share. Macy's stock (M) has since risen to more than $40, following a 2015 in which it had returns topping 15%.


3. Cabot Oil & Gas

Cabot (COG) has risen two points since closing out 2015 with a value of less than $18 per share. The independent oil and gas company has been on an upward trend after dipping to $15 in early January.

4. Comcast

Comcast (CMCSA) stock has risen 3% so far in 2016, though it more recently settled back down to $57 — the same value it held upon closing out 2015. In 2015, the company saw its top year for cable TV services in nearly a decade, which has forecasters predicting that the stock will do well again in 2016.

5. Eaton Corp.

The electrical systems maker Eaton Corporation (ETN) jumped 4% in February after posting higher-than-expected earnings. Eaton is currently trading at $56.

6. Chipotle

To say that everyone's favorite burrito joint had a rough year is an understatement. Following a very public food safety scare, the Mexican grill's stock plummeted 40%, closing out 2015 just under $480. But in 2016, Chipotle's (CMG) value has risen to $511 (as of February 20). Right now the stock is generally considered to be undervalued. For the patient investor, now is the time to buy-in cheaply and wait for continued growth.


7. Emerson Electric Co.

Emerson (EMR) stock value has risen one point since ending 2015 valued just under $48. The stock's annual dividend payment is currently an eyebrow-raising 4.4% — another shareholder perk.

8. Hormel Foods Corp.

Hormel (HRL) stock hasn't spiked this high in years. The food company that makes SPAM is having a good moment, rising to $43 per share from $39 since the start of 2016.

9. Wynn Resorts

The high-end hotel operator is currently valued at $78 — up from $69 at the close of 2015. January was the Macau business's "best month in a long time," founder Steve Wynn said on a conference call. Adding to the momentum is Wynn's (WYNN) higher-than-expected 2015 fourth quarter adjusted earnings, released in mid-February.

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10. EQT Corp.

EQT Corporation (EQT), the largest natural gas producer in the Appalachian Basin, was valued at $52 at the close of 2015. So far in 2016, the stock has spiked to nearly $59 — a good sign for the months ahead.

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