45 Ideas for Getting More Yield

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45 Ideas for Getting More Yield

Pick the low-hanging fruit, or reach for more luscious returns.

Josh Cochran

These are frustrating times for income investors. Thanks to the Federal Reserve's efforts to foster economic growth, traditionally safe investments, such as money market funds, pay zilch. So to get any sort of yield today, you must take on risk. As always, the questions are: How much income do you crave, and how much risk are you willing to accept?

We list 45 investments that pay from 2.1% to 20.6%, as well as eight safe havens that barely move the needle. Determine how much risk you can stomach, then decide whether you want to pick the low-hanging fruit for a little yield or go out on a limb for the juiciest returns.

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We've also included a primer on the less-common investments you'll encounter if you're going to reach for higher returns, as well as some cautionary guidance about pitfalls of the high-yield universe.

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