I Want to Build Wealth

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I Want to Build Wealth

With a long time horizon, go for the high-risk, high-reward stuff.

Ryan Brady, 33, has his most powerful earnings potential ahead of him. He says it's hard for him to even think about retirement because he loves his job, advising Indianapolis-area philanthropists on how to put their charitable dollars to work. But if he had to pick a retirement date, it would be 35 years from now.

Brady, who's single, is an avid saver. He makes a game of trying to beat the savings targets his financial planner, Brent Perry, sets for him. And he had no trouble riding out the financial crisis with a portfolio that had 80% of his investments in stocks and 20% in bonds. "I knew that over the long term the stock market always comes back," he says.

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Considering his risk tolerance, Brady should maintain an aggressive stance. This portfolio includes just enough dry powder -- in the form of bonds -- to give Brady something to put to work in a down market. This portfolio would have lost 49% during the 2007-09 bear market but gained 93% from the bottom through April 9.

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