Three Ways to Cope in This Market


Three Ways to Cope in This Market

You can take some risks, stay the course or play it safe. Here's how.

In this series on coping with a plunging stock market, three Kiplinger's Personal Finance editors share the investing strategies they're using in these volatile times. Each has a different take on what to do now. So whether you're a risk-taker or risk-averse, there's advice below for you.

How I Keep My Sanity While My Savings Vanish
Fred Frailey, the editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, reveals how he is turning disaster into opportunity by buying shares of great companies at great prices.

My Coping Mechanism: Cash
Senior Editor Bob Frick urges you to build up your reserves and pay down debt -- even if it means investing less to do so.

Hold Fast to These Five Tenets
Senior Associate Editor Anne Kates Smith says the only sane way to play the crazy ups and downs is to hold fast to the investing advice we at Kiplinger have preached for years.