Portfolio Doctor to the Rescue


Portfolio Doctor to the Rescue

We help readers solve tough financial questions and fine-tune their investments.

Ever wonder whether your portfolio is on track? Not sure whether your investments make sense? Each month, Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine provides a reader with a financial makeover to ensure they're on track to meet their goals.

Below, check out our recent Portfolio Doctor columns, each written by senior editor Jeffrey R. Kosnett. By addressing individual reader's concerns, Jeff sheds light on a range of situations -- from making the most of your cash reserve to streamlining your portfolio and diversifying your investments at every stage of life.

When it Comes to Your Cash, Think Safety
Yields are in the cellar, but Christian and Lori Kuzan don't have to settle for 2%.

Building Your Own
Pension Plan

Joe and Susan Buchanan won't get pensions. What can they do to ensure a secure retirement?

Don't Quit Your Day Job
Just Yet

Todd Thompson's dream of becoming a full-time filmmaker collides with financial realities.

His Risky Picks Are Doing Just Fine
Rick Albrecht's portfolio would give most folks the shivers. But a package of aggressive funds could hold up in a recession.

How to Move Back Into the Market
Chris Hinners needs a plan and a schedule for leaving the bomb shelter.

Sell The House and Invest the Profits?
The Potockos are thinking about cashing out to bolster their retirement kitty.

The Right Stake in Your Company
Scott Spilker will soon have 20% of his assets in his employer's stock. How much is too much? We show him (and you) how to find the right balance.

Can You Save Too Much for Retirement?
A young federal worker asks a rare question. And the answer might surprise you.

Getting Off on the Right Foot
A young immigrant aspires to be a millionaire. He's got a good start. Here's a plan for reaching his goal.

Angling for an Early Retirement
Scott and Charlotte Glassen hope to trade work for a leisurely waterside retirement. We show them how to do it.