Investors Guide to Volatile Markets


Investors Guide to Volatile Markets

The stock market is on a wild ride, but don't let nerves get the best of you. Kiplinger's editors discuss what you should expect -- and smart moves to make.

Uncertainty in the stock market is scary -- and the roller coaster will likely continue. But don't let the market's ups and downs derail a sound investing strategy.

Kiplinger editors are always following market developments. Below, we offer our best analysis and advice to help you stay on track in the coming months.

Safe Bets in Troubled Times
Stocks may continue to tumble because of the credit crunch. But investors should continue to hold large-company stocks with little debt and strong overseas sales.

Strong Stocks in a Stormy Market
August has been a nerve-wracking month for investors so far. But here are five companies with ballast and proven growth.

Five Funds for Smoother Sailing
If the market's volatility is getting to you, now is the time to trade in your high-risk funds for lower-risk replacements, says columnist Steven Goldberg.

Fasten Your Seat Belts, Investors
Volatility has returned to the stock market, with a vengeance. We take a look at the issues underlying the subprime mortgage crisis.

Video: Our Revised Market Outlook for 2007
Senior Editor Jeff Kosnett says quality will cushion investors in a volatile market.

What Should Investors Do Now?
Focus on quality, and don't get spooked by the market's wild gyrations.

Time to Sell Stocks?
It's okay to take some money off the table, says columnist Steven Goldberg. But don't overdo it. Better yet, move to quality stocks and bonds.

Stocks: No Time to Panic
What caused the market's change in sentiment -- and how should smart investors react?

Video: Debt Overload
Before the market's initial dive, Knight Kiplinger sensed danger in the growing level of corporate debt and warned it could spark a downturn.