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Kip 25

Fidelity International Growth

Symbol: FIGFX
Expense Ratio: 0.98%

Fidelity International Growth is an international stock fund and a member of the Kiplinger 25, the annual list of our favorite no-load funds.

The ideal firm, says manager Jed Weiss, is a tough competitor that can maintain or even raise prices when the economy turns against it. Weiss likes to buy when stocks are cheap. He’s currently bargain-hunting in Turkey, at a time when most managers are staying away. Since Weiss launched the fund in 2007, it has returned a blah 2.3% annualized. Still, that compares favorably with the 0.3% loss in the EAFE Growth index, which tracks fast-growing firms in developed markets.

Data through February 28, 2017


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