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Financial Planning

Your Digital Investment Guide, Only on

Whether it's mutual funds, stocks or bonds, rely on Kiplinger's for sound advice.

We all know we should put our money to work to help us reach our financial goals. From preparing for retirement to saving for college or buying a first home, smart saving and investing is key to a secure and prosperous future. can help you make smart decisions -- whether you're a seasoned investor or a novice exploring the vast world of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Our online features explain the ins and outs of investing and offer timely analysis of market developments.

Take a look at what you'll find on finance/:

Regular columns

This week marks the debut of our Fund Watch column. The Kiplinger investing team climbs in the trenches, providing insights and context on fund news and trends. We'll also offer analysis from individual fund managers, asking them to discuss their favorite stocks. Check out our inaugural installment, by Thomas Anderson. He combs out the best moves for bond fund investors now.

We've also launched a new money-manager QA series. Kiplinger correspondent David Landis seeks out stars in the field and presents his interviews in an easy-to-understand, five-question format that provides important insights into the mutual fund world.


Our daily Stock Watch column has long kept readers up to date on market news. Each day our investment team spotlights a different stock and tells you whether it's worth a look or a pass. See what Jeffrey Kosnett has to say about Moody's, our latest column posted on Wednesday.

Each week, Steven Goldberg offers additional commentary on both funds and stocks in his Value Added column. And Jeff Kosnett puts fixed-income investments in perspective in his monthly column, Keeping Your Balance.

Investing blog

Get daily insights from money manager and Kiplinger's columnist Andrew Feinberg. His blog, The Money Monster, discusses investing strategies and keeps you updated on his efforts to trounce the SP.

The best mutual funds

Are you building a fund portfolio -- or re-examining your current holdings? We've assembled a list of the 25 best no-load funds you can buy -- and created simple portfolios tailored to different time horizons. Keep an eye out for regular, exclusive updates in the months ahead on our mutual funds page.


Following our fund suggestions is easy. But, of course, knowing the basics for yourself will help you become a smarter investor. Our Understanding Mutual Funds tutorial explains what to look for in a fund -- and when it's time to sell.

Investing tools

Stock Finder and Fund Finder help you track down investments that fit your criteria. Use Portfolio Tracker to organize your investments and follow their performance.