Should You Jump on the Gold Bandwagon?

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Should You Jump on the Gold Bandwagon?

Investors are flocking to the precious metal as the dollar drops.

Gold is on a winning streak. The precious metal is heading for its tenth consecutive year of gains after hitting a new high of $1,299.70 an ounce September 24.

People tend to flock to gold when they lose confidence in the dollar. But does that mean it's a good investment now? Well, it depends on how you invest in it.

Buying gold directly can be a pain because you need insurance and secure storage for your coins or bullion. Plus, even though gold seems like a safe bet, its price is about twice as volatile as the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index. If you want to own something that simply tracks the price of gold, your best bet is an exchange-traded fund such as SPDR Gold Shares (symbol GLD). If you have an even stronger stomach, invest in a gold mutual fund, such as Tocqueville Gold (symbol TGLDX), which invests in mining shares. Gold stocks are even more volatile than the price of gold.

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Certificates of deposit tied to the price of gold might seem like a good buy, but they're complex investments that don't always pan out. See These CDs Are Fool's Gold for more information.

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