Rolling Over a Health Savings Account

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Rolling Over a Health Savings Account

You can move your money from one administrator to another.

Can I roll over a health savings account to another institution or have more than one HSA? How long do I need to keep documents showing that distributions were used for medical expenses? --G.J., Frederick, Md.

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HSA money can be rolled from one administrator to another, and you can have more than one HSA as long as your total contributions for the year aren’t more than $3,300 for individual coverage or $6,550 for family coverage (plus $1,000 if you are 55 or older). Keep your current account active if your employer contributes to it, even if you add another account. The new administrator can help with the transfer.

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Withdrawals for eligible medical expenses are tax-free at any age. You don’t need to show the provider receipts to get the money, but for tax purposes, you must keep the records with your tax files. (You can generally be audited for up to three years after the tax-filing deadline.)

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