Great Advice From Around the Web, Week of 9/24/12

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Great Advice From Around the Web, Week of 9/24/12

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I recently was discussing with credit expert John Ulzheimer the fact that I have a retail credit card. Ulzheimer, who is the president of Consumer Education at, has written about the cons of retail cards. He says that these cards are a bad idea for most consumers for several reasons -- namely their low credit limits and high interest rates. I asked him, though, whether these cards can ever be a good idea for some consumers.

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I have a retail card from a store where I shop for clothing for myself and my three children. I always pay off my balance, and I earn rewards (in the form of discounts) that allow me to pay less for items I would normally purchase (not things I'm splurging on or buying just because there's a discount available). Ulzheimer says that, in my case, the card makes sense because I'm using it responsibly. Matt Brownell of agrees that careful consumers can benefit from the perks of retail cards and offers advice on what to look for if you sign up for one of these cards. See What a Good Store-Brand Card Looks Like.

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