Great Advice From Around the Web, Week of 10/25/12

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Great Advice From Around the Web, Week of 10/25/12

A weekly look at personal finance tips and insights others are offering.

As the mother of two young children, I naturally gravitate toward stories and blog posts about kids -- especially kids and money. I found one this week with tips I can't wait to try. Jesse Michelson at Money Crashers offers some ideas for keeping grocery shopping with your children bearable (Is Shopping With Kids Wearing You Out? Try These Tips). His suggestions should help keep the kids from having a meltdown when they don't get what they want and keep your grocery spending under control because you won't have to cave in to countless requests.

Here are more personal finance tips and insights from across the Web:

The Quest for the Best Budget [GetRichSlowly]
"Rather than seeing how much we spend and then saving the rest, we’re determining how much we need to save, and then spending the rest."

Opt for a Deferred Payment Plan When You Can't Pay Your Bills [The Digerati Life]
"You may be tempted to walk away from it all, but there may be things you can do that won’t necessarily lead to bad consequences."


The Seven Best Cities for Renters []
"Cost of living, access to public transportation, and a thriving downtown scene are all important when contemplating a place’s livability. The following cities rank high in all of these.

How to Find a Low-Priced Plumber Who Won't Rip You Off [Len Penzo dot Com]
"It turns out that our two cheapest plumbing estimates came from small-scale family-owned businesses that were sole-proprietorships. The most expensive plumbing estimate came from a large corporation."

Top 5 Things My Mohawk Taught Me About Money [Budgets Are Sexy via Currency]
"I've learned more about money from the spikes on my head than I have from most personal-finance books or publications."

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