Cut the Red Tape

Family Finances

Cut the Red Tape

Our solutions to 16 financial problems that tie you in knots.

Are you tied up in knots over hassles such as getting through to your credit card company, gaining access to family health records, fixing an error on your credit report, changing telecom providers, or even changing your name?

We have no-nonsense solutions to help you solve 16 financial problems. Use our tips to walk away from the hassles that tie you in knots.

Banking & Credit

Switch to a Bank With Lower Fees
If you’re ready to act, here’s what you need to do.

Build Your Credit Record as a Young Adult
Follow these tips for getting your first credit card or car loan.

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How to Fix an Error on Your Credit Report
Order your reports from the credit bureaus and follow these steps to correct any mistakes.


Cable & Phone

How to Get a Better Deal on Cable
If you can't negotiate a deal with your current provider, follow these steps to score savings with another company.

How to Move Your Mobile Phone to a New Plan
Here's what you need to do if you watch to switch carriers without buying a new phone.



How to Turn in a Leased Vehicle Early
There are companies that can help you transfer a lease to someone else.

How to Renew Lapsed Auto Insurance
Look into state laws that might protect you against a rate hike, and shop for coverage through an independent insurance agent.

Family Matters

How to Change Your Name
Here's the paperwork you'll need to tackle if you're newly wed or newly single.


How to Monitor Your Kid’s Grades
College students must give schools permission to provide educational records to their parents.

Health Care

Find Health Insurance Even If You Have a Preexisting Condition
You can continue coverage through COBRA or possibly through a state high-risk insurance pool.

How to Evaluate Your Medicare Options
The Medicare Web site has a tool that makes it easy to find the best plan for you.


Get Health Information on a Family Member
There's a special form you need to sign to get around privacy rules.

Identity Theft

How to Deal With a Stolen Wallet
Take a tally of what's in your wallet now so you'll be prepared if something happens to it.

Bypass Phone Menu Hell
Here's how to reach a real person if your credit card is stolen or you need help with a financial emergency.


How to Consolidate Your Investment Accounts
Be aware of the tax consequences, transaction fees and transfer charges if you move your money.


How to Refinance Your Home if You’re Underwater
Two government programs can help homeowners who qualify get lower rates.