How to Wipe Out Holiday Debt

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How to Wipe Out Holiday Debt

Tips from personal finance bloggers about ways to pay off the bills you racked up at the end of the year.


One of Americans' top financial resolutions this year is to pay off debt -- along with saving more and spending less, according to the "2015 New Year Financial Resolutions Study" by Fidelity Investments. In fact, paying off debt has been one of the top three financial resolutions for the past four years.

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It's not surprising that debt is on people's minds at the start of each new year because bills from holiday spending are rolling in. Consumers were expected to spend more than $800 this past holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation. And a study by NerdWallet found that it will take Americans two to three months, on average, to pay off holiday debt.

If you're saddled with debt -- from the holidays or otherwise -- start by taking our Get Out of Debt quiz for strategies to pay it off. Then follow the tips below from some of our favorite personal finance bloggers.

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