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Financial Planning

Do This or That?

We tackle tough financial questions and give you answers to fit your needs.

When it comes to personal finance, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. That's why we offer advice customized to your needs. Below you'll find 20 common questions on a variety of money-related topics, from paying off debt to saving for retirement. And we provide answers based on different scenarios.


Should I Retire My Mortgage or Keep on Paying?

Should I Pay a Real Estate Agent or Go It Alone?

Should I Continue to Rent or Buy While the Market Is Down?



Should I Take a Pay Raise Now or a Refund Later?


Should I Pay Off Loans or Save for Retirement?

Should I Pay Cash for a Major Purchase, or Finance It?


Should I Buy Index Funds or Actively Managed Funds?


Should I Buy ETFs or Mutual Funds?

Should I Use a Full-Service or Discount Broker?

Should I Rebalance Regularly or Let Winners Ride?


Should I Keep My Clunker or Buy a New Car?


Should I Buy or Lease a New Car?


Should I Save in a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA?

Should I Claim Social Security Benefits at Age 62 or Wait Until 66?

Should I Buy an Immediate Annuity for Retirement Income or Tap Savings?



Should I Buy Long-Term-Care Insurance or Self-Insure?


Should I Hire a Lawyer to Write a Will or Do It Myself?


Should I Save for Retirement or College for My Kids?

Should I Stretch to Pay for the Most Selective College or Save by Choosing an In-State School?

Should I Use a 529 Savings Account or a Prepaid Tuition Plan?