Best of the Low-Fee Credit Cards

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Best of the Low-Fee Credit Cards

Trim interest and other charges on your credit cards with these options


Do you carry a balance on your credit card? Trim interest and other charges with these options.

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As we compiled our list of top credit cards that offer bountiful cash back, points or miles, we also took a look at cards whose rewards to you are low interest rates and minimal fees. The cards below are some of the best offers available now. None levies an annual fee.

Balance transfer. Chase Slate charges no balance-transfer fee and has a 0% rate the first 15 months (then 13.24% to 23.24%).

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0% introductory period. Citi Simplicity offers a 0% rate on purchases and balance transfers for the first 21 months (then 13.24% to 23.24%). The balance-transfer fee is the greater of $5 or 3% of the balance.

Low interest. The Lake Michigan Credit Union Prime Platinum card recently charged a rate as low as 6.5%, depending on creditworthiness. Make a onetime $5 donation to the ALS Association to become a member.

Fee-free. PenFed Promise (10.24% to 17.99%) has no fees for foreign transactions, balance transfers, cash advances, late payments or balances in excess of the credit limit. (See the rules of membership for Pentagon Federal Credit Union in the “Payback at the Pump” section.)