How to Get Free Financial Advice

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How to Get Free Financial Advice

If you need help with your personal finances, you may be able to take advantage of free classes as part of National Financial Literacy Month.

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TD Bank is partnering with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling to provide financial education seminars during April in Florida, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina. And Ally Financial will host free Wallet Wise financial sessions throughout April and May in California, Georgia, Michigan and New York.

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These sessions are aimed at people who need help with basic financial management skills, such as creating a budget, understanding credit reports and scores, and saving for the future. For a list of the TD Bank seminar topics, dates and locations, see the calendar at You can search for Ally Wallet Wise events near you at, or you can take free courses online at your convenience.


As always, you can find plenty of free financial advice on Start by taking these three quizzes to find out how much you know:

The Personal Finance Quiz
Find out how much you really know about taxes, saving, investing, managing credit and other vital matters of your personal finance.

Financial Truth or Bunk?
These 12 money rules of thumb are often touted as gospel truth. Do they point you in the right direction -- or lead you astray?

Financial Truth or Bunk? Round II
Here are 12 more money maxims you've heard time and again. But are they true?


If you have questions about managing your money, you'll have a chance to ask them during our monthly Jump-Start Your Financial Plan chat. Financial planners from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors will be answering questions about retirement, taxes, insurance, saving for college and more from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m ET on April 18. And you can read transcripts of past Jump-Start chats at any time.

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