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Paying for College

The ABCs of Saving for College

This tutorial will help you figure the cost of a college education, develop a savings strategy and find funding sources.

Whether college is 18 years away or right around the corner, these strategies will help jump-start your college savings plans.

Figuring the Cost
Knowing how much you'll need for your college-bound kid is the first step.

Smart Strategies
Compare savings options and pick the best place for your college dollars.

With 18 Years to Go
Time is on your side. Save often and aggressively to outpace inflation.

With Ten Years to Go
Fewer day-care expenses and rising salaries may make saving easier than you think.

With Five Years to Go
It's time to start shifting some money to fixed-income securities for safe keeping.


With One Year to Go
You're not there yet. You still have four years of tuition bills to pay. Look for free money and line up loans.

Last Minute Ways to Ease the Pain
If you haven't saved a dime, these resources and tips can help.

Winning the Financial Aid Game
Even the most expensive schools may be within reach with these maximizing strategies.

Figuring the Cost