2 Great Airport Apps

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2 Great Airport Apps

Get help navigating airports and booking discounted rental cars.

Before you visit an unfamiliar airport, it’s nice to know where you can grab a cup of coffee. If you’re racing to catch a flight, navigating terminals with ease may mean slipping onboard just before the cabin door closes. A couple of free phone applications can help you get the lay of the land while you wait in the security line or taxi to the gate.

The TravelNerd Airport Guide app, available for iPhone and iPad, has information for more than 50 airports worldwide, including terminal maps and flight statuses. You can also see what restaurants and shops are available in each terminal and how much you’ll pay to park and use WiFi. For 20 airports, the app shows fares and travel times to popular destinations using various transportation options. To get from Los Angeles International Airport to Beverly Hills using a cab, for example, the app says you’d spend about $50 and 35 minutes, depending on traffic. Taking the Metro Rapid bus service would take about 90 minutes and cost you $1.50.

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GateGuru, which spans 120 airports globally, also includes terminal maps, flight information and lists of airport amenities, including reviews from other app users. You can view (and enter) wait times at security checkpoints and connect to your travel itinerary through TripIt or Kayak to see flight details. GateGuru is available for Android and Windows Phone, but the version designed for iPhone and iPad has some extras. For one, you can also enter trip information manually or via e-mail to use the itinerary feature. Plus, you can book discounted rental cars at the last minute through Avis.

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