3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Electronics


3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Old Electronics

Make some extra cash by offloading your unused electronics and devices.


Step 1

After the holidays is a good time to clear your home of unwanted smartphones, computers, video game consoles and other tech products. You can sell them on sites such as Gazelle.com, uSell.com and BuyMyTronics.com. Shipping is free. You will receive a check, gift card or deposit to your PayPal account. Best Buy offers gift cards in exchange for usable electronics. It also recycles unusable devices (including TVs) free. With Nextworth.com, you can take your devices to one of its partner stores, including Target, and get store credit.

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Step 2

If you’d rather donate your old tech gadgets, you can give your cell phone to a victim of domestic violence through Verizon’s HopeLine program or support troops overseas at CellPhonesforSoldiers.com. The National Cristina Foundation will connect you with local nonprofits that will take your computer and tech accessories. And through Dell‘s Reconnect program you can take computer equipment to a Goodwill location.

Step 3

Before you get rid of your tech gear, erase any personal data. “Deauthorize” computers that use digital rights management software (for example, products connected to iTunes, which limits some files to five devices). You should also “disassociate” your Apple ID from any device in iTunes. To delete personal data from a smartphone, reset to the factory settings and erase the SD card. For a computer, you’ll need software that erases data, such as the free Active@ KillDisk.

The payoff

You’ll declutter while earning cash or giving to a good cause.