Radical Ways Technology Will Change Your Life by 2030


Radical Ways Technology Will Change Your Life by 2030

Some of our forecasts might seem more science fiction than fact.

2030 -- that's about 15 years away. A lot will be different by then, and here at Kiplinger, we're forecasting those changes. These are a few of the innovations you can expect to see.

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Keys of all kinds will be pretty much outdated. Instead, your mobile device will unlock doors. If your phone is dead, you can use a friend's by logging in with a fingerprint or facial scan.

Your home will have a battery, a big box like a water heater or AC unit. It will store electricity from your solar panels, and help you avoid paying higher utility rates during peak hours. You can use it to charge up your car, too.

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If you need a new organ such as a heart or liver, you won't have to wait for someone to die. Replacements will be grown in a lab. Look for this process to start with simpler structures like skin.

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