A Group-Buying Site for Small Businesses

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A Group-Buying Site for Small Businesses

GroupPrice.com makes it easy to get deals on services, supplies and software to help your company grow.

Consumers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of group-buying sites to get deals. Small businesses can now leverage the power of the group to get discounts with a new site called GroupPrice.com.

This first-of-its-kind Groupon for business offers discounts of up to 65% on software, services and supplies. Business owners and employees can sign up for free to receive deal alerts by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. And they can get discounts for sharing deals if their friends sign up on the site and buy an item.

Unlike Groupon, though, GroupPrice.com doesn’t require a certain number of people to agree to "buy" the deal in order to actually get it. And the deals don’t expire within a day.

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GroupPrice.com launches one deal a day Monday through Thursday, and each deal runs through the balance of the week to give small business owners time to make decisions about purchases, says founder and CEO Van Jepson. GroupPrice.com is able to get a volume discount on products and services because it’s offering them to thousands of potential customers. So the deals are available regardless of whether one business or 100 actually makes a purchase through the site.


Jepson says he created the site, which launched January 2011, because small businesses don’t have the leverage big businesses have to get discounts and were paying too much for supplies and services. "GroupPrice allows them to grow revenue while cutting costs," he says.

Most of the GroupPrice.com deals are for products and services that help owners grow their businesses online, such as search engine optimization, graphic design consultation and marketing assistance. Jepson says that GroupPrice.com vets every deal before posting it.

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