How to Strike It Rich

Small Business

How to Strike It Rich

We offer tried-and-true strategies to build wealth.

Money may not buy happiness, but having a lot of it gives you the freedom to make choices that can bring satisfaction, whether that means buying your dream home, giving generously to charity or escaping the 9-to-5 grind. In that spirit, we focus on three roads to riches that don’t require an advanced degree or special training: starting a business, buying real estate and investing in the stock market. In each case, we describe two paths to get there, depending on your tolerance for risk. The people we interviewed who have made it big didn’t always get there on the first or second try. But they all share essential qualities for success: passion, persistence and patience.

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In this special package from Kiplinger's Personal Finance, explore a variety of ways you too can strike it rich:

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Own Your Own Business iconOwn Your Own Business

High- and Low-Risk Ways to Start Your Own Business

A Small-Business Success Story: How Dogtopia Evolved Into a $14 Million Business


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Focus on Stocks iconFocus on Stocks

High- and Low-Risk Ways to Invest in the Stock Market

An Investing Success Story: How One Couple Became Millionaires


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Invest in Real Estate iconInvest in Real Estate

High- and Low-Risk Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

A Real Estate Success Story: Flipping Homes for Profit

Kip Tip: How to Raise the Cash to Invest in Real Estate

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