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Washington Matters

Swinging Wild Doesn't Help Clinton

Oh c'mon. If you are trying to persuade voters of your superior judgment you probably shouldn't be relying on "Saturday Night Live"  to make your case. But that's exactly what Hillary Clinton and her campaign are doing, saying the skit showing reporters fawning all over Obama is a sign that the media is finally catching on to the fact that Obama has been getting a free ride.

Clinton may or may not have a legitimate gripe about media coverage, but taking it so seriously and using a comedy show to buttress the point undermines her campaign in much the same way her campaign did when it tried to paint Obama as single-mindedly ambitious by quoting from a letter he wrote in kindergarten about why he wanted to be president.

She runs the risk of appearing petty and rattled, hoping one of her flailing swings will finally land on Obama. Those aren't exactly traits that bolster an image of seasoned, steady experience and sober judgment.