McCain's Emergence Sinks Bloomberg's Plans

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McCain's Emergence Sinks Bloomberg's Plans

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Bloomberg is the kind of guy no one should underestimate, but he has no desire to be a spoiler or to waste millions of his own dollars on an ego trip, even if he can afford to. He always said he'd wait to see who the major parties nominated and that he'd only run if he thought he could win. That meant if he saw the race shaping up into a highly partisan match -- say, Clinton vs. Giuliani or Clinton vs. Huckabee -- he'd likely go for it, hoping to capture the middle and all those Americans who are tired of partisan gridlock.



But McCain appeals to the very same voters that Bloomberg does. And even if Bloomberg didn't like and respect McCain, he'd recognize that there's no longer an opening for him. That's even more the case if Obama wins his party's nod, since the Illinois senator is attracting considerable support from independents.


So barring a big upset of McCain, Bloomberg will continue doing what he's doing -- running the Big Apple.


Unless, of course, McCain invites him to be his running mate. That's not out of the question. Bloomberg isn't the type to play second fiddle, but he'd have to give it serious thought.