Latest Polls Have Some Surprises

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Latest Polls Have Some Surprises

Two new polls are a mixed bag for Democrat Barack Obama. One suggests a big embarrassment may await him tomorrow...but the other indicates he's holding his own in the foreign policy debate with John McCain.


The shocker is an American Research Group poll showing Hillary Clinton leading in South Dakota by a whopping 60% to 34%.  Earlier polls showed Obama ahead. There aren't enough delegates at stake for this to change the dynamics of the race (and Obama still leads in Montana), but a Clinton upset would be a major embarrassment for Obama on the night he plans to claim the nomination -- especially since the still popular former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle has been working hard for Obama in his home state. 


The second poll is from Gallup and shows most voters support Obama's willingness to hold talks with the U.S.'s enemies. That's despite weeks of pounding on the issue by McCain -- including in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee today -- who says Obama's stand shows he's naive and lacks judgment. (Obama argues that America has had a long history of diplomatic contacts with enemies and that the Bush-McCain stance closes out the possibility of resolving disputes diplomatically.)


When Gallup pollsters asked potential voters if the U.S. president should meet with the leaders of Iran, 59% said yes. Democrats were in favor by a 79% to 19% margin, while Intependents backed talks 70% to 29%. Republicans were slightly opposed, with 48% saying yes and 51% saying no.