Hillary's Convention Address -- Then What?

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Hillary's Convention Address -- Then What?

Denver -- The New York senator's speech Tuesday night -- and, more importantly, the reception it gets -- will factor heavily in the fall presidential campaign. Despite the sure-to-be-upbeat-tone of her prime time convention address, there is an undercurrent of regret and suspicion among many of her supporters assembled here in Denver... 

Sure, she'll bury the hatchet, let primary-race bygones be bygones, release her delegates and raise the unity flag on center stage in Denver.  But even a remarkably supportive speech, which is what we all expect, won't bridge the divide completely.

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After all, she did win 18 million votes and 23 states.

It's foolish to expect all of them (the voters and the states) to go for Obama enthusiastically just because she urges them to in a convention speech.


At the Sheraton Denver Hotel, a few blocks from the Pepsi Center convention site, I asked some Hillary Clinton conventioneers what was on their mind vis-a-vis Obama and Clinton. 

"I'm here to support the Democratic Party. I'm happy to be here, but I'd rather see her being nominated. To tell you the truth, I'm actually here to see her."

"I'm from Dover, Delaware. Biden's fine. Hillary, much better. And Obama didn't even offer her the vice president spot."

"I'll vote for Obama and help him in Louisville (KY). I still want a woman president in my life."

Note that Obama has won over only about half of Clinton's supporters, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo poll. Clearly, he has some work left, nice convention speeches by Obama and Clinton aside.