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E-Z Street

Nothing quite soothes the soul in a crisis  like pungent satire, especially when it's aimed at people who are benefiting even though they helped cause the problem in the first place. And clearly some of the bailouts and rescues in place or coming will help enrich some of those folks regardless of whether the help is necessary for the greater economic good.

Few people do satire better than the writers of Vanity Fair's Politics and Power blog, as evidenced by their "E-Z-Cash" application for federal bailout cash.

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Here's one sample question to whet your appetite: In the unlikely event we don't approve this transaction, please tick off the box that best describes the consequences for the American economy.

  • Dire
  • Catastrophic.
  • Apocalyptic.
  • Frogs and fishes will rain from the sky, and it will be the end of America as we know it.