Biden's Talking Points

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Biden's Talking Points

We'll hear a lot about Biden's loquaciousness in the next few days --- that Obama's VP pick has a penchant for talking ... and talking. He does. If that's his largest personal liability, I say, talk on.

I remember one Tuesday years ago when Biden was speaking in the Senate and then-Majority Leader Bob Dole, Kansas, asked Biden how much more time he was going to take because, as Dole said, "I have a plane to catch Thursday night."

Yes, Biden does talk. But if talking a lot is such a liability, I'll take it in a national political leader. Certainly with the legendary secrecy in the Bush-Cheney White House and its strict adherence to spin control and message maintenance, I think the prospect of a more comfortable-with-talking vice president may be welcome.

And what's good about Biden is his talk is not canned speech, not at all. Like Obama, Biden has been and remains a law professor, and professors of law tend to pace in front of groups, engaging students with questions and theory. If the Democratic ticket is elected, that would be good for Obama in private deliberation. Biden would not be a yes man, unwilling to engage and keep silent and hope for the best. He'd make sure Obama is more than enough informed and has more than enough background to make executive decisions with confidence.


I bet Biden would also serve in his own capacity as a vice-president and spokesman of sorts for an Obama administration, engaging and talking with the media often and at great length. He has a long history of this and it's unlikely to change. In fact, he thrives on it.