Economic Outlooks by State, 2015

Economic Forecasts

2015 Economic Outlook, State by State

Kiplinger forecasts a 2.5% growth rate nationally this year, after a 2.4% gain in 2014. Here are our forecasts for growth, as well as employment gains, for all 50 states.


Most states will experience better economic growth in 2015. The main exceptions are in the Northeast, where recovery from the financial meltdown has been slow, and in states with large energy sectors, especially North Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma, because of the downturn in oil prices earlier in the year. But economic growth in the Midwestern states is registering notable improvement, with manufacturing, led by automakers, on the upswing. State economic growth is highest in the Western and Southern states, paced in part by tech and construction plus rising populations.

Hover over any state in the map below to see its outlook.

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Forecasted Economic Growth by State in 2015

New Jersey Rhode Island Delaware Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Indiana Maryland West Virginia Hawaii Alaska Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Ohio Michigan Michigan Kentucky Tennessee Florida Alabama Mississippi Illinois Wisconsin Louisiana Arkansas Missouri Iowa Oklahoma Kansas Texas Nebraska Minnesota New Mexico Colorado South Dakota North Dakota Arizona Utah Wyoming Montana Idaho Nevada California Oregon Washington GPD

Jack Bolen contributed to this report.