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Kiplinger's Personal Finance Editor in Chief Knight Kiplinger, along with the nation's leading investment experts, provided thousands of investors with valuable insight on the market, the economy and money management at the annual Money Show Washington, D.C., September 6-8.

Below you will find highlights of the event's more than 150 workshops and panel discussions, including Knight Kiplinger's keynote address. You'll get tips on how to deal with the market's recent volatility, what to look for to gauge market strength and Kiplinger's top stock picks.

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What's Ahead for the U.S. Economy and Markets?
As the Money Show's keynote speaker, Knight Kiplinger offers his economic forecast and market outlook for the rest of 2007 and 2008.

Taxes and the Economy in 2008
Knight Kiplinger discusses what effects a Democratic win in 2008 would have on the economy.

Giving Markets the All-Clear Signal
The market is catching its breath now. We're in a pause in a long bull market, then we will see a gradual upward climb, says Knight Kiplinger.

Recession or Not?
Don't expect the subprime mortgage fallout to drag down the entire economy, Knight Kiplinger says.



Stocks We Like the Most
Kiplingers Personal Finance editors Fred Frailey, Jeff Kosnett, Manny Schiffres and Andrew Tanzer highlight the industry sectors, and specific stocks within those sectors, that have the attention of the Kiplinger team.

Numbers That Count
Fred Frailey, editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, explains what numbers to examine for a realistic gauge of market strength.


Bull and Bears Slug it Out
Fred Frailey explains how he copes with recent volatile markets, using his own portfolio as an example.


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