How to Win Friends and Influence People

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

  • Author: Dale Carnegie
  • Publisher: Gallery Books, 288 pages

That Dale Carnegie’s seminal self-help book is still in print more than 80 years after its initial publication is a testament to the timelessness of the author’s advice. Forget social media. Carnegie wants to help you get better at interacting with people face to face, whether you’re offering them advice or criticism, trying to change their minds, managing them professionally or just trying to get them to like you. Some of the advice is so tried and true at this point that you may roll your eyes. (Of course I should smile more. Of course I should address people by name and express earnest interest in what they have to say.) But apply these and other lessons consciously, and you may find yourself navigating life and business a little more smoothly. It certainly worked for Warren Buffett. A diploma from Dale Carnegie’s public speaking course is the only one that hangs in the Omaha Oracle’s office.


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