Job-Loss Survival Guide

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Job-Loss Survival Guide

by Erin Burt

Lay-offs are happening to everyone.  Last week alone, several big employers slashed thousands of jobs from their payrolls, including IBM, Home Depot, Caterpillar, Sprint and Texas Instruments. And that's on the tail of months of other cuts at such stalwarts as Citigroup, Pfizer and General Electric.

If your employment has been affected -- or you fear it will be -- we can help. Our Job-Loss Survival Guide offers tips to manage the financial impact of a lay-off, find a new job, and even launch a new career.

A job loss can upend your finances. Here's what you need to know about crafting a plan for immediate survival.

Life After a Layoff
How to prepare for the worst and make a quick recovery.

Keeping Health Coverage After a Job Loss
A federal program lets you stay on your employer's insurance plan, but you might be able to find a better deal on your own.

What Happens If Your Employer Goes Broke?
You might still get health and retirement benefits depending on the type of bankruptcy protection for which it files.


A Career Survival Kit
How to protect your job -- or find a new one -- in a scary economy.

Time to pound the pavement? Update your résumé and craft a strategy to land your next position.

Polish Your Resume
It may be time to give your résumé a major makeover -- you'll want to be prepared in case you're suddenly laid off.

Tax Breaks for Job Hunters
Your guide to deducting some of the costs of finding new employment.


Undercover Job Hunting
Ready to move on? Follow these 12 dos and don'ts for job searching discreetly when you're employed.

QUIZ: How Sharp Are Your Job-Hunting Skills?
Do you know how to boost your odds of getting the position you want for the pay you want? Test your knowledge of job searching, interviewing and salary negotiating.

Here's a way to make lemonade out of lemons: Use your layoff as an opportunity to switch careers. You can pursue your dream job or simply pursue a career less prone to economic forces.

Recession-Proof Careers
These six fields offer job stability in any economy. Plus, learn how to recession-proof your career, whatever your industry.


13 Hot Jobs in Hard Times
When the going gets tough, these careers get going.

Pursue Your Dream Job
Take our online self-assessment to see if you're ready for a career change, then get financial advice and tips for a smooth transition.

Starting Your Own Business
To succeed, rely on your experience and long-established contacts.