Employment Advice From Around the Web

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Employment Advice From Around the Web

A look at tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers about improving your job-hunting skills, finding your dream career and getting a raise.

In the November issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Sandra Block profiles several people who started entirely new careers in midlife. Read about how they hit the reset button to get more satisfaction out of work and to reduce stress. And check out this roundup of career advice from some of our favorite personal finance bloggers.

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4 Behaviors That Will Lead to Your Dream Job [MoneyNing]
"The following four activities and behaviors will help you land that dream job you’ve put thousands of dollars, and years of your life, into achieving."

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7 Steps to Landing a Raise in 2014 [Mint Life]
"Although there is no way to guarantee an increase, now is the time to lay the groundwork needed to get a good-size bump in your pay during the next round of raises."

Learn How Networking Can Lead to Your Dream Job [Savvy Sugar]
"Life is filled with lucky breaks, and sometimes the best employment opportunities come in the most unexpected ways."


Should You Move for Work? [Get Rich Slowly]
"Regardless of where the job takes you, you need to evaluate how it meets your goals."

What Is Coworking – Pros & Cons, Hidden Costs of Shared Office Space [Money Crashers]
"While coworking can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to working from home or renting a commercial office, it’s important to be aware of some of the less-than-obvious costs of working in a shared space."